Export vCenter Logs File Bundles

Why Export vCenter Logs file?

  • Export vCenter Logs file for Troubleshooting purposes.
  • Security
  • Sharing


Exporting vCenter Logs

  • Via RDP & windows share
  • Via vSphere client connected directly to vCenter

Export vCenter Logs File Bundles

Exporting ESX and ESXi Logs

    • SCP file transfer
    • vSphere client connected directly to ESX/ESXi host

Export vCenter Logs File Bundles

Creating VMware Support Log File Bundles

  • Creating log file bundles from vCenter (vc-support.wsf)
  • Creating log file bundles from ESX/ESXi hosts (vm-support)

Creating Log File Bundles

ESXi 5.x host diagnostic information can be gathered using the vSphere Client connected to the ESXi host or to vCenter Server.

To gather diagnostic data using the VMware vSphere Client:

  • Open the vSphere Client and connect to vCenter Server or directly to an ESXi 5.x host.
  • Log in using an account with administrative privileges or with the Global.Diagnostics permission.
  • Select an ESXi host, cluster, or datacenter in the inventory.
  • Click the File > Export > Export System Logs.
  • If a group of ESXi hosts are available in the selected context, select the host or group of hosts from the Source list.
  • Click Next.
  • In the System Logs pane, select the components for which the diagnostic information must be obtained. To collect diagnostic information for all the components, click Select All.
  • If required, select the Gather performance data option and specify a duration and interval.

Export vCenter Logs File Bundles

  • Click Next.
  • In the Download Location pane, click Browse and select a location on the client’s disk where you want to to save the support bundle.
  • Click Next.
  • In the Ready to Complete pane, review the summary and click Finish. The Downloading System Logs Bundles dialog appears and provides progress status for the creation and downloading of the support bundle from each source. AGenerate system logs bundles task is created.
  • When complete, upload the logs to the FTP site. For more information, see Uploading

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